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Me as a Fashion & Beauty Photographer

Hey there, awesome peeps! Ever since I started dabbling in art, my mission's been to capture the pure magic in my mind's eye. Doodling was cool, but I craved more—letting light itself paint my canvas. Becoming a fashion & beauty photographer, sparked a wild passion that's been shaping my journey ever since.

My thing?

Beauty photography, folks. It's where artistic freedom meets technical wizardry. Faces, colors, and emotions are my playground, and my camera? It's the storyteller, capturing tales one click at a time.

My secret sauce?

A mix of inspiration from visionaries galore. I've mastered crafting captivating visuals, making light dance, and setting the mood just right. Balancing client wishes with my artistic hunger keeps the flames burning.

Beauty is transformative—even its surface charm lifts spirits and ignites inspiration. Photography?

It's not just a job; it's my treasure trove of memories and a nod to my roots. Surrounded by my dad's old cameras, I feel a timeless connection to art and the legacies we build.

Whew, that was a mouthful! Copywriting isn't my strong suit, but I'm easy to chat with, so shoot me an email anytime. I'm always down for a chat. 😉

For any inquiries please contact my agency

anyday | artist management
Isabell Seifert

+49 177 560 66 79

Douglas // BH Cosmetics // Wella // Londa // Barbor //
Porsche Design // Sante Natur Kosmetik // C&A // P&C //  
Appelrath Cüpper // Catrice // L.O.V // ZOEVA // Ferrero //
L'Oreal // Spotify // Schaebens

VOGUE Germany // Elle Deutschland // Marie Claire //
QVEST // PussPuss Magazine // Madame //
Schön! Magazine // Cosmopolitan // Lucy's Magazine
Ask me anything:

+49 170 3321512

Adress & Studios

Studio Cologne
Fuchsbau Studio
Poller Kirchweg 78-90
51105 Köln
Studio Berlin
Welcome Home Studio
Mahlower Str. 23-24
12049 Berlin

represented by:
anyday | artist management
Isabell Seifert

+49 177 560 66 79


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